If you are the guy that is in charge of your next guys' weekend, then you may be wondering how you're going to top last year's trip. This article is full of a few tips that can help you plan the absolute perfect weekend away with your friends. Read on to learn a few suggestions:

Go to a Hunting Ranch

Are you really into hunting? Do you and your buddies love to go hunting together? If so, then you may want to take them to a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch. The great thing about taking them to a designated ranch is that there are guaranteed to be some blackbuck antelope lurking around. Additionally, there's usually a large lodge that has a restaurant or kitchen for you to stay at. Another great thing about staying at a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch is that they usually have the required guns and ammunition that you need in order to make it the most successful hunting trip ever. 

Go On a Four-Wheeling Adventure

Another fun thing that you can do is go on a four-wheeling adventure with your friends somewhere up in the mountains. If you don't already own your own four-wheelers then you can either rent them or you can hire someone to take you on a four-wheeling tour. The fun thing about going on a guided four-wheeling tour is that the guide will usually take you on trails to places that you otherwise wouldn't see, which can make for some great nature-watching. 

Beer Tour

Are you and your buddies looking for something to do that's a little more relaxing? If so, then you may want to go on a beer tour with your friends. Similar to a wine tour where you travel through a variety of different wineries, a beer tour will take you through a handful of different breweries, which can be a fun way to try out a variety of local beers. 

Planning the perfect guys' weekend getaway doesn't have to be something that you stress about; in fact, it should be something that's really fun. If you are looking for something that's a bit more creative than your usual weekend trip, use the three suggestions listed in this article for some help and inspiration. Just remember that when you are booking the perfect getaway trip that you don't forget about lodging and any other special accommodations that you will need.