If marijuana was recently legalized in your state, you may be intrigued by the possibility of visiting one for the first time while also feeling a bit nervous or intimidated. There is no need for this worry, however, since dispensaries are designed to be welcoming and educational for new clients. At a dispensary, you can find everything from cookies, candies, and other edibles, to vape pens, topical CBD creams for pain relief, and more. Here are a few tips when planning your first visit to a marijuana dispensary:

Bring ID and Cash

When you first arrive at a dispensary, you will be greeted by an employee in a waiting room that is separated from the actual dispensary. They will ask to see your ID and may ask you to sign in as well. Once it's your turn, you will be buzzed into the shopping area of the dispensary, where you will be able to browse products and ask questions. If you decide to buy anything, it's important to note that most dispensaries are cash-only. While the dispensary may have an ATM on site, there will be ATM fees, so it makes sense to arrive with cash.

 Research Products Ahead of Time

Many dispensaries have elaborate websites that include menus of their products. This allows you to get a clear idea of the types of products you're most interested in as well as prices. You may even want to write down a list of products you're most interested in so that you can ask about them once you're at the dispensary. Another approach is to write down the concerns you're hoping to address, such as anxiety, insomnia, or joint pain. You can then let the "budtenders" at the dispensary guide you to their favorite products that address your unique concerns.

Choose the Right Dispensary 

The feel and experience of each dispensary is unique, so it's worthwhile to do some research and choose the dispensary most likely to provide the experience you're looking for. Read reviews online and ask friends for their recommendations as well. Since it's your first time, you may want to choose a dispensary that is close to your home, has plenty of parking, and is known for warm and friendly customer service. Some dispensaries offer a sociable atmosphere, while others are more quiet and spa-like.

Going to a recreational marijuana dispensary for the first time is nothing to worry about, and by following these tips you will feel much more prepared.