Are you planning to invite some friends over for a murder mystery party at your home? If so, you need to know some tips that will make it successful. Here is what you need to know to host a great team murder mystery game.

Ask Your Guests For A Mystery Preference

There are many different games out there that cover a variety of different themes. You can pick a high school reunion that ends in murder, or maybe a game that involves creating your own escape room, which also ends in murder. Either way, know that somebody is getting murdered and your guests will have to play along to solve it. That's why it's a good idea to get some feedback about what kind of game your guests want to play.  This will make them more likely to play along. One thing to keep in mind is that many murder mystery games are gender neutral, so you don't have to worry about which character everyone will play, yet.

Ask Someone Not Playing To Help Set It Up

If you are hosting the party and participating in it, you may find that it's quite challenging to do both without spoiling the game for you. It will help to find someone that is not going to the party to help set things up for you. It will involve sending character descriptions to your guests, placing clues in envelopes, or even hiding things in the room where the murder will take place. You don't want to run the risk of seeing who the murderer is before the night begins, so be sure to ask for help.

Stick To The Minimum Amount Of Required Guests

You'll notice that your murder mystery game has a minimum number of guests that are required to play the game. These guests interact with each other the most, and one of them will be the one that committed the murder. Anybody else is an additional character that plays no major role in the story. Try to stick to the core group of cast members to ensure the maximum amount of fun. If the group is too large, you'll find that people don't learn enough to actually solve the murder.

If the idea of a murder mystery game sounds fun, be sure to order a kit that will contain all the rules and clues you need to have a fun get together at home.