Are you planning a trip to a recreational marijuana dispensary and you want to make sure you understand the etiquette? If so, look no further! Although a dispensary is a business like any other, there are a few things that may differ from other types of shops you visit. The following guide can help you avoid a faux pas as well as help your shopping trip go more smoothly.

Tip #1: Bring ID 

You will have to show a valid state or federally issued photo ID card before you can make a purchase. Many dispensaries require that you show the ID upon entering, and you will have to leave if you do not have an ID or if you are underage. Most dispensaries card regardless of your age or how old you look. Even regulars, whom the staff recognizes, are typically carded. This protects the staff and ensures that all laws are being properly followed.

Tip #2: Stop by the ATM

Due to current federal regulations on recreational marijuana, and the fact that banks are federally insured, you probably won't be able to use a debit or credit card at a dispensary. You will need to have sufficient cash on you to make your purchase. Fortunately, many dispensaries post their menus and pricing online, so you can get a realistic feel for how much cash you should bring with you.

Tip #3: Make sure you check-in

Upon entering the dispensary, look for a clue as to what to do next. Some dispensaries have check-in staff who will verify ID, get a feel for what you are shopping for, and direct you to the next available budtender. Other dispensaries may operate more like a pharmacy (which makes sense, considering many dispensaries began first as medical shops), which means there will be signs showing you where to queue up and where to wait for the next budtender. Both styles help maintain traffic flow through the store, while also protecting the privacy of other shoppers. Take a moment to get your bearing upon entering so you can follow the preferred flow.

Tip #4: Know the basics

Although there are many marijuana-infused products available, the first thing you will likely be asked is if you prefer a sativa, indica, or a hybrid. Sativa strains can help increase energy and euphoria, whereas indica strains tend to promote relaxation and even sleep. There are also hybrids, which allow you to enjoy the benefits of both.

Tip #5: Don't forget to tip

Finally, bring a few extra dollars to tip your budtender if they are helpful. Tipping is an accepted practice at many dispensaries, as is evidenced by tip jars placed near the registers. Although not required, it never hurts to show your appreciation when the budtender is especially helpful.

Enjoy your visit by being prepared. Visit a local dispensary if you have more questions.