Recreational cannabis dispensaries are on the rise. As more and more states realize what a cash cow cannabis can be for their government, they are legalizing it. Along with making recreational marijuana legal, dispensaries are looking for and selling odd, strange, and uniquely fun products made with cannabis. The following items are just a few that you should definitely try. 

"Medicinal" Tampons Made with Cannabis

No joke; you can buy tampons laced with cannabis. Supposedly, the cannabis aids in relaxing the uterus and easing cramps. Rather than smoking your cannabis for cramps or eating it in edibles, you can put cannabis-laced tampons in your vagina and let the medicinal properties work across the blood barrier and mucous secretions of that area of the body. If nothing else, the cannabis tampons make an excellent gag gift. 

Cannabis Dog and Cat Treats

Your dog or cat got anxiety issues? Does your pet frequently ruin stuff when you are at work and suffer from separation anxiety or boredom? Chill your pet out with marijuana dog and cat edibles. Yep, now even your pet can be happier and higher than a kite, which might ease a lot of its behaviors and physical problems. If your pet has something much more serious, such as cancer, then these treats will ease pain and help with appetite until you either decide to put your pet to sleep or he/she gets through pet chemo. 

Cannabis-Laced Drinks

Cannabis has a sort of funky aftertaste, which sometimes makes it difficult to consume in edible form unless you have a more powerful flavor as the "top note." That is what makes these new marijuana-laced drinks an easy favorite. Their punchy, strong fruit flavors hides the taste of marijuana, and similar drinks that have mint flavors or thyme in them also mask the marijuana aftertaste. If you have tried recreational marijuana in other forms, and just could not smoke it or eat it, try drinking it. 

Cannabis-Infused Scent Oil

Inhaling is a problem because you do not smoke. No problem; just buy and burn the infused scent oil. You can get the effects of the cannabis/marijuana products everyone else is using, but you are smelling it rather than inhaling it. The oil of the cannabis plant is extracted in its purest form, mixed with some complimentary scents that will not stink when burned but instead smell nice, and then placed in different scented oil-burning devices.